Why Do We Donate To Shelters From Romania?

Did you know that in Romania, over 600,000 dogs and thousands of cats live on the streets? That's more than in any other European country.



The nation’s homeless-animal crisis is miserable for these dogs and cats, who spend their lives without a guardian to care for them, let alone a warm, comfortable place to curl up at night. Many dogs suffer and die on the streets or meet their end after being captured by dog-catchers and taken to – which is legal under Romanian law.

Often, dogs die in the shelters, where they’re often not provided with appropriate food, sufficient space, or protection from the cold. The majority of them aren’t spayed or neutered, which means they keep reproducing as long as they’re alive. (source peta.org.uk)


What We Can Do

We will make our best to donate 10% or more of our net profits to shelters and pet organisations that operate in Romania. Join us, let's raise awareness, donate and change lives! There's still hope for homeless dogs and cats in Romania!